Product Warranty

1. Warranty Condition

     Plastic pallet usually has a normal life span of at least 3 years. Therefore, the warranty will last for the duration of 3 years with the following details:

1.1 year 1 100% of damage goods
1.2 year 2 50% of damage goods
1.3 year 3 25% of damage goods

“We guarantee the quality of Plastic in case of damages due to our production only.”

2. Scope of warranty

     The warranty will not cover damages caused by the following cases:

2.1 Use of plastic pallet exceeding the given specifications
2.2 Wrong application or purpose of pallet
2.3 Damages due to carelessness of user
2.4 Accidents such as fire
2.5 Accidents caused by handling equipment such as collision of forklift, handlift or dropping from height over 1 meter.